Please bring the confirmation letter of entry to the overseas competitors report desk. Competitors should show the confirmation letter of their entry,then pay the entry fee and get their number tag at the report desk.

Report desk opening hours/Venue
2018 July 6th 18:30-21:00 / Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Ground floor meeting room

Competition date/Venue
2018 July 7th 07:00-17:00(Daytime program)/ Taipei Arena

World Professional Open S/L and World Amateur Open S/L Finals will be held in the evening.

Restriction of registration
1.Double entry in Under 18 Solo and Under 12 Solo is not allowed.Please choose events by competitor’s age.
2. Double entry in World Professional Open Standard and Latin is not allowed. Please choose events by dance subject.
3.Double entry in World Amateur Open Standard and Latin is not allowed. Please choose events by dance subject.
4.Double entry in Senior Open and either World Professional Open or Asian Professional Closed is not allowed.
5.If not receiving confirmation of entry within 2 weeks after registration, it’s competitor’s responsibility to contact the organizer to verify that they are entered in the relevant events.
6.Deadline of entry is 2018 June 8th. Once the entry is closed, event and partner changes are both unacceptable.
7.Entry fee is non refundable only except for the circumstance that due to health problems, accidents, or natural catastrophes, competitors are not capable to compete.
Competitors intending to apply the entry fee refund please provide relevant medical diagnosis or document to the organizer.


It’s not permitted for foreigners to engage in any form of work without the work permit in Taiwan. If you have work plan after the competition, please inform us at least 1 month before your departure date. Violators should be responsible for all possible consequences.

The copyright for all production of videos and photographs is vested in the organizer, regardless of their purpose of use.

Prize Money
World Professional Open Standard & Latin
1st US $10000 2nd US $7000 3rd US $5000
4th US $3000 5th US $2000 6th US $1000 7th-12th US $500
Asian Professional Closed Standard & Latin

1st US $1000 2nd US $700 3rd US $500
4th US $300 5th US $200 6th US $100
World Amateur Open Standard & Latin

1st US $1200 2nd US $1000 3rd US $700
​4th US $500 5th US $400 6th US $200
(All prize money must deduct 20% income tax

Competition rules
1.For solo competitors:
All dance figures should follow relevant content of IDTA and ISTD book of technique, costumes should be plain and simple without stones,feather,tassels,or paillettes.

​2.The speed and length of music will follow the latest rules of WDC.

Official hotel & Transportation
Official Hotel: Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei
(No.100, Dun Hua North Rd.,Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan 105)
Website : http://www.sunworlddynasty.com.tw/en

We don’t arrange pick up/off service.
For public transportation,

If you arrive at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport(TPE), we recommend you to take:
Airport MRT(purple line)→Taipei main station(station code:A1)→walk through underpass to Beimen Station(station code:G13)→Taipei metro green line→Taipei arena station(station code:G17)→ exit 1 to the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel

If you arrive at Taipei Songshan Airport(TSA), we recommend you to take:
Taxi to the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel

Airfare Subsidy
Subsidy for airfare is based on the result of 2017 International Championships/ 2018 UK Open/2018 Blackpool Dance Festival, which is listed as follows.

For Professional S&L:
(Final) USD1,500 / per couple
(Semi final) USD1,000 / per couple
(Quarter final) USD500 / per couple
(Top 48) USD300 /per couple

For Amateur S&L:
(Final) USD1,000 / per couple
(Semi final) USD500 / per couple
(Quarter final) USD300 / per couple
(Top 48) USD150 / per couple

Events & Entry Fee(USD)
Events                                 Standard              Latin                Fee/Extra
World Professional Open       W.T.F.Q.(VW)        C.S.R.P.(J)         250/100
Asian Professional Closed      W.T.F.Q.(VW)       C.S.R.P.(J)         250/100
World Amateur Open             W.T.F.Q.(VW)       C.S.R.P.(J)         250/100
Asian Amateur Closed            W.T.F.Q.(VW)       C.S.R.P.(J)         250/100
( ↑ ↑ Include 2 nights free accommodation in official hotel ↑ ↑)
Amateur Rising Star Open         W.T.Q                  C.R.J              150/100
Amateur Senior Open               W.T.F                   C.R.J              150/100
Under 21 Open                     W.T.F.Q.(VW)        C.S.R.P.(J)          150/100
Under 15 Open                        W.T.Q                   C.R.J               150/100
( ↓ ↓ Single dance ranking ↓ ↓ )
Under 18 Solo        W,T,F,Q,VW          C,S,R,P,J          30 one dance/10 extra dance
Under 12 Solo        W,T,F,Q,VW          C,S,R,P,J          30 one dance/10 extra dance
Teacher/Student     W,T,F,Q,VW          C,S,R,P,J         50 one dance/200 for all five dances
(Couples of Teacher/Student event are required to purchase two table tickets)
Deadline of entry : 2018 June 8th

2018 CTC Cup Ballroom Dance Championship

2018 CTC Cup Ballroom Dance Championship
​(WDC World Cup - Taipei)
Venue: Taipei Arena(
(No.3, Sec 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei City,Taiwan 105))
Competition Date:2018 July 7th 6:30~22:30

CTC Cup Organizing Community

E-mail : ctccuptw@gmail.com
​Facebook : ctc dancesport championships

Tel : +886 2250 12936
​WeChat ID:sonatina02